Tamera may be Out of the X Factor but she is certainly not Down.....read more

Tamera Foster says Goodbye to  X Factor 2013                December 1st, 2013

The X Factor is trundling towards a conclusion with the urgency of a milk float.
So, It has finally happened. Tamera has been The Beautiful Tamera Fostervoted out of the X Factor. This has to be one of the biggest shocks in X Factor history but it does prove once again what a fickle and unfair show it has become. It also proves how fickle and stupid the public are. Or maybe its just jealousy. Who knows.  Yes, Tamera has been nervous the last few weeks and had lyrics problems but we all know that this girl is a cut above the rest and has STAR quality written all over her. Her performance on Saturday night was fantastic, especially with the Roberta Flack song “The First Time I Saw Your Face”

As fas as we are all concerned here at her fan website Tamera is still our favourite, She can go on to becoming the star we all know that is inside her.  She can also now do what she wanstar1ts to do and not have to rely on squabbling fickle judges and a jealous public to rule her fate. We now hope that she shows us the real Tamera Foster, and we are all waiting patiently for her first releases. We also know that no matter who wins the X Factor, Tamera will be around a lot longer than any of them. Some of them are good singers, but none of them has the STAR quality like Tamera has...

Tamera. You are the best and don‘t let anyone tell you different.








The Beautifull TAMERA FOSTER




To see some more of her performances on X Factor, go to LIVE on the menu above or click here

Annabelle - Rose  Shoes | Worn by Tamera Foster
tamera 30 the first time i saw your face



Tamera Foster
 'I had the worst two weeks of my life on X Factor. Watch the interview



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Tamara Foster X Factor Star 2013
Tamara Foster X Factor Star 2013
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