Posted March 16 2014

X Factor’s Tamera Foster signs record deal with Syco

She’s the latest in a long line of X Factor alumnus to be snapped up by Simon Cowell’s label.  The 17-year-old, from Gravesend, Kent, certainly impressed viewers at home with her powerful performances. 
Tamera Foster  The Latest SYCO star to the fold
Speaking of her signing, Tamera, who is currently on tour with The X Factor, said: ‘I am so excited about being given this opportunity. ‘I’m having an amazing time on tour but even more now, because I know straight after I can get into the studio and start to work on some new music for everyone who supports me! ‘I’m very very lucky to have this chance as my first ever job and I’ve got so much to look forward to this year, exciting times ahead!’

And Sonny Takhar, Syco Music Managing Director, added: ‘We are thrilled that Tamera has chosen Syco Music as her label home, she is a bonafide star!’

Tamera will get to work on her album as soon as the nationwide X Factor tour ends later this month.

We can wait for her first album....

Posted 10 January 2014

X Factor 2013: Tamera Foster DOES have a deal with Sony & she reveals what type of music she wants to release

I had the AMAZING opportunity to catch up with the insanely talented Tamera Foster this week and it was such a pleasure to speak to her.
Tamera Foster: Looking way above her 16 years at Cirque Du Soleil QUIDAM
Throughout The X Factor, Tamera was my firm favourite to go on and win the show, but unfortunately, she was given the boot in week 8 – which was far too early in my humble opinion. However, when I caught up with Tamera this week, she revealed that she does indeed have a deal with Sony and we had a little chat about what sort of music she’d like to release.
It has recently been reported in the press that some of last year’s finalists have been given record deals with the different subsidiary’s of Sony Music. However, it was reported that Tamera had not been given a record deal, but she’d been given a development deal instead.

As we saw on The X Factor, there was a couple of occasions that Tamera fluffed up her words, but she managed to pull the performances back. Sony was apparently quick to snap Tamera up on a development deal which would work on her overall confidence.

However, I can confirm that although Tamera does indeed have a deal in place somewhere along the line, it is NOT a development deal. Unfortunately, that’s all Tamera would let out of the bag at the moment, but since Sony have first dibs on the contestants, I can only imagine that this deal (whatever it may be) is with a branch of Sony Music. When I asked if there is “something there” in terms of a record deal, Tamera confirmed that there’s “something” but it isn’t something she can discuss right now.

Speaking about her music and what artist she wants to become, it would seem that Tamera is still ironing out the little creases and finding herself as an artist, but it’s very clear that she wants to go down the urban route.

She told me yesterday: “I definitely want to go into the urban kind of style. I want that urban/hop-hop style. The style that I am going for is hard to explain as it’s kind of a mix of everything, so I guess you’re just going to have to wait and see”.

But, going back to the topic of THAT deal, that we’re still no closer to knowing about, Tamera confirmed that she’s heading into the studio some time next week.

When I asked if she’d been working on her own solo material yet, Tamera said: “Yeah definitely. I’ve been trying to write [my own music]. I’ve never really written songs before so it’s kind of hard to do, but I’m learning. I’m actually going into the studio next week, which should be fun”.

Source : Nick Barnes from unreality tv

Posted December 3rd, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Tamera Foster doesn’t understand the hype surrounding her but now lives in hope that Simon Cowell will throw her a career lifeline.

The X Factor reject is tipped by the show’s judges to become the most successful of this year’s crop despite an exit in Sunday’s quarter-final sing off.

‘It’s really weird. I don’t look at myself as famous.Tamera Foster X Factor Exit So if I go out and someone is like “can I have your picture?” I’m like “whaaaaat?”,’ she told Metro as she adjusted to ordinary life.

‘It’s so weird to think that loads of people know who I am and look up to me in that kind of way. It is surreal. It’s kind of hard to get used to,’ said Foster, who admitted she still needs to work out the paparazzi game.

‘We went to a Christmas party last week and there were so many paparazzi there. I was so scared! They call your name. It is so scary,’ she said.

Her bid to prank on the paps backfired too.

‘When we left as well we got in the car and we had blacked out windows. One of the paps put his camera right up to the window and we were all pulling faces because we thought he wouldn’t be able to see. And then the next day there was me and Luke in the paper with weird faces,’ she added.

With rumours Simon Cowell has been eyeing her up from afar for certain success on his SYCO label, the teen added: ‘I haven’t heard from Simon at all, actually. But that’s really cool if that is true I am his favourite.

‘He is the big dog, isn’t he? It would be amazing to be signed to his label. That would be a blessing.’

And on Gary Barlow’s prediction she will be a huge star in the future, Foster says she knows it’s time to put in the hard yards.

‘I think that’s really cool that Gary said that,’ she said, vowing: ‘It would have been really, really, cool to win the competition but I guess it’s how hard you work after the competition whether you get a career out of it or not. I’m just going to work hard and see where it gets me.’

Posted November 30, 2013

X Factor 2013: Tamera Foster wows Gary Barlow with The First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceTamera Foster | Singing the Roberta Flack song - The First Time I Saw Your Face

Gary Barlow: You have had a fantastic night, at this point I can’t help but look forward and if we fast forward five years I think you may possibly be the most successful contestant from this year. You will have a massive career in front of you. Big things for the future.

Sharon Osbourne: Welcome to the raceme you are back. You are blossoming before our eyes. Stay focussed because you are right where you should be. For the first time I felt your emotion, you connected to the song, a great moment. Congratulations.

Louis Walsh: That was so convincing and so emotional. You have got it all, you came back fighting. It was a bit of a Leona Lewis moment but well done.

Nicole Scherzinger:
That tone, everything. You plus this whole performance…everything. And you look and sound like an angel!

                                                 Watch the video

Posted November 25th, 2013

I hope he fancies me... he's cool!' Tamera Foster doesn't deny Niall Horan romance... as it's revealed the 1D star fell for her 'instantly'

One Direction's Niall Horan has reportedly fallen head over heels for X Factor star Tamera Foster.
According to The Sunday Mirror, the pair met backstage when the band pre-recorded their song, Story of My Life, to be broadcast on Sunday's show.Niall Horan from 1 Direction
And doing little to deny claims that Niall is smitten, Tamera said on Sunday: 'Niall and I have been talking in private.
'He’s the most famous person in my phone after Nicole Scherzinger. I hope he fancies me – he’s cool.'

And Irish heartthrob Niall, 20, is said to have fallen for Tamera 'instantly' - becoming further enchanted by the singer after she arranged for 1D to meet a sick young friend. Since then he has reportedly been sending her messages asking her out on a date, and is said to be looking forward to seeing Tamera once again when One Direction perform at the X Factor final in three weeks' time.
The band – which yesterday celebrated 1D Day – are currently in Los Angeles, but pals say there was 'instant chemistry' between Niall and Tamera when they met.
They got talking when Tamera asked X Factor bosses to arrange for 1D to meet eight-year-old cancer sufferer Stacey Mowle. Tamera, who is helping to raise £500,000 for the life-saving treatment that Stacey needs, told the newspaper: 'I spent most of my time with Niall. He’s really fun and very immature.
'I get really hyper before I sing, so I was ­ practically bouncing off the walls. I was singing, ‘yeah, I’m ready, I’m ready,’ and Niall started singing, ‘I’m ready, I’m ready’ along with me. He asked for my number and we’ve been talking.'
Niall split from singer Ellie Goulding in September after less than a month together. Tamera, who parted from 20-year-old boyfriend Joshante Amihyia last month, said: 'Niall tweeted me when we first met but now we just direct message.' The Kent-born star, who last night sang James Arthur’s Impossible, also told how X Factor bosses tried to tone down her sexy image, but she refused.
Meanwhile it has been rumoured that show supremo Simon Cowell plans to offer her a “multi-million-pound” record contract regardless of whether or not she wins this series.

Posted November 14th, 2013

Rihanna backs "amazing" Tamera Foster to win

Rihanna has lent her support to X Factor hopeful Tamera Foster. The 'Diamonds' singer has tipped Simon Cowell to turn the 16-year-old into a global star, whether she wins the ITV show or not.
"I got sent a link of her after she sang one of my songs at Boot Camp and I have been watching her ever since," she is quoted as saying in the Daily Star.
"The shows need to produce a superstar every two or three seasons to give them credibility, and she is already there in week five or whatever it is.
"Simon is a smart guy, he will know she can sell records all around the world and will sign her to his label."
She continued: "Tamera looks great, she has an amazing voice, and she has just the right amount of attitude."
Rihanna also stated that Foster's rumoured relationship with fellow hopeful Sam Callahan and self-confessed drug use in the past will not damage her chances of a career.
She said: "I really don't think it matters at all whether Tamera has made one or two mistakes in her past.
"Show me somebody who hasn't and I will show you a liar. All that matters now is that she works hard and gets where her talent means she should be."

The X Factor continues at 8pm on Saturday (November 16) on ITV.

Posted November 10th, 2013

X Factor 2013: Gary Barlow LOVES ‘amazing’ Tamera Foster – Cry Me A River

Tamera Foster suffered quite a blow on last week’s X Factor show, after finding herself in the bottom two on Sunday, so it was all to sing for tonight. The 16 year old singer had been a bookies favourite to win the series but wound up in the singoff with Kingsland Road on the disco themed show. She was lucky that three out of four judges voted to keep her in the competition, Cry Me a River by Tamera Fosterhowever things were definitely more tense this evening for her as a result.
Tamera admitted:
“When I came off stage it was so emotional for me, I was so gutted.”
She added:
“I have got a huge song this week and I am really feeling the pressure. I don’t want to be in the bottom two again.”
Tamera looked every inch the star with her fancy up-do and black sequinned jumpsuit this evening. Luckily she had the vocals to match!

Her delivery of Cry Me A River was sultry and intriguing and Foster seemed much more comfortable with her song choice this week, probably because it wasn’t as boring as last Saturday’s tune.

For us, this was the talented teenager’s best performance to date and we think (hopefully) she’ll be safe this week. But then what do we know? We never would have predicted she’d be in danger last Sunday.


GARY BARLOW: Tamera I realised something seeing you in the bottom two last week and that’s that me, the judges and the people at home have all taken you for granted, because you are very good. You are a great singer, you look amazing. This competition is all about potential and your potential is stratospheric. So rather than take you for granted I want to say tonight, I am going to acknowledge you as the amazing singer you are and say well done!

LOUIS WALSH: We did the right thing saving you last week. You have got star quality, you are going to be a star. You have got it all going on. Little diva!

NICOLE SCHERZINGER: Thank you Gazza, that performance was mesmerising. She is only 16, I am so grateful the judges saved you last week.

SHARON OSBOURNE: Hi little diva, last week when you were in the bottom two you early did sing for your life. You sang really well tonight, you have a great God given gift, but I need more passion from you. Stop holding back and just give it!

Posted November 1st, 2013

Rihanna's secret sister? X Factor's Tamera Foster shines bright like a diamond
SHE may be baby of the X Factor finalists at just 16-years-old, but Tamera Foster is certainly grabbing the fame reigns with a firm grip.

The aspiring singer hit London's Leicester Square last night for her debut red carpet appearance at a glitzy A-list premiere, looking every inch the superstar. Gracing the spotlTamera Foster - Looking goodight alongside stars of Thor: The Dark World – including Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth – Tamera showed off her wild side in bold animal prints. The teen, hailed as the new Rihanna/Leona Lewis mash-up, added quirky touches to the thigh-skimming dress, with a cutesy handbag embellished with lips, blingy gold hoops, and stiletto boots.

House mates and rivals Abi Alton, 19, and Hannah Barrett, 17, also put on their glad rags, relishing the transformation from average girl-next-door to global stars-in-the-making. Pianist Abi opted for a daring slashed dress that showed off a generous portion of thigh, while south Londoner Hannah went for the quirky diva vibe in a patterned jumpsuit and purple platforms.She also revealed it was devastating to bid farewell to last Sunday's evictee Shelley Smith, adding: "Emotional goodbye today, feel lucky to have met such a wonderful, talented and kind lady.

With the boyband having landed in the bottom two last weekend, perhaps the floppy-haired blond can win over the female vote in week three if he keeps them off. Tamera Foster dubbed in the headline 'Rihanna's secret sister ' is fast becoming a musical singing Icon. Her singing ,her performance, her interpretation of her songs give new meaning and depth to the original song.

It's time for the people of this country to rise up and witness what many in the rest of the world are finally discovering ,in that we have the birth of a Super Star not only to rival but to pass the great singers of our time. Tamera Foster is breaking new ground in the music world and beginning to inspire millions of people. Time to climb aboard the bus and join Tamera on her journey to the stars.

29 Oct 2013 21:58

X Factor star Tamera Foster splits from boyfriend as the couple struggle with singer's rise to fame

The aspiring singer and her beau were working through their issues but struggled to fix their relationship

X Factor favourite Tamera Foster has split from her boyfriend - after the relationship sTamera Foster Splits from Her Boyfriendtruggled to cope with her new fame. Joshante Amihyia changed his Facebook status to 'single' on Tuesday and the pair last spoke at the weekend. The split comes just days after they were reported to have had a "huge argument" last week. Singer Tamera, 16, told Joshante, 20, they were ­finished a week ago after another row, seen by onlookers, over her rise to fame, only for them to patch things up briefly.

A show source said: "Their relationship is volatile and they don't seem to be able to make it work at the moment. For Tamera her priority is The X Factor and that has been tough for Joshante to cope with.
"She is getting lots of attention from other admirers, including some guys within X Factor who fancy her."
Tamera is currently the show's 6-4 favourite to win with bookmakers' Ladbrokes.

Earlier in the month she hit the headlines for allegedly stealing Joshante from another girl.

Joshante claimed: "What she wants, she gets, and when I was in a relationship, she wanted me."

She has also been in trouble with show bosses after it emerged she admitted smoking marijuana coated with PCP in the past.

But her singing talent is without question and judge Nicole Scherzinger continues to back her and thinks she has a great chance of winning.

An X Factor spokesman said Tamera declined to comment.

20 october 2013

Tamera Blows the Audience Away

Tamera sat 20 octTamera Foster stuns X Factor judges with her brilliant version of Beneath Your Beautiful from Emily Sante. Tamera stole the show on the night that Gary Barlow labeled her a “Superstar” She blew the audience away with her perfect performance.

Barlow: "For the first time tonight the public are going to see what we've all seen as judges, which is - a superstar.That performance reminded me of a performance from one of the biggest stars on a Sunday night."

On Thursday, bookmakers William Hill put Tamera down as favourite to win the show with odds of 3/1.

17 October 2013
It appears the comments about X Factor finalist Tamera Foster and Rihanna looking alike, hasn't gone unnoticed by the budding popstar when she was spotted leaving the X Factor house recently.
Tamera Foster -  Channels Rihanna as she leaves the X Factor House

Dressing in a pair of tight black leather look leggings, a crop white tee - which showed off her toned abs - and a beanie hat, Tamera appeared to channel Riri as she looked happy as she made her way out of the house and into a waiting car ready to take her to rehearsals at the X Factor studios in Wembley.

Meanwhile, it appears Tamera has an admirer in the form of last yea'rs winner of the X Factor, James Arthur. Gushing about the girls category, the Impossible hitmaker told the X Factor's official site recently:

"The whole Girls category is my favourite so far. Tamera has the whole package, she's a beautiful looking girl - she's got a great voice. She's like a better looking Rihanna."

And it appears that James isn't the only one who thinks Tamera looks like RiRi, as one fan posted on Twitter: "Tamera foster to win she's stunning and is like another new Rihanna and look how well she has done @thexfactor".

Another fan added: "@TheXFactor #tamerafoster is an English Rihanna !! She's going all the way ! :)"

13 October 2013

North West Kent College student Tamera Foster from Gravesend impresses judges on first live show of The X Factor

Gravesend tf3student Tamera Foster was last night told she "has the X factor" in the first live show of the hit TV talent contest. The 16-year-old, who is the bookmakers’ favourite to win the competition, sang Ain't Nobody by Rufus and Chaka Khan in a 1980s-themed episode. Her performance impressed judge Gary Barlow so much that he told her: "You have the X Factor."

Fellow judge Louis Walsh called the North West Kent College musical theatre student an "out of the box pop star", while Nicole Scherzinger said she is a "force to be reckoned with". Both bookmakers William Hill and Sky Bet have given 9/4 odds on Tamera triumphing as overall winner of The X Factor.

Tamera - who will sing again in next week's show with the remaining 10 other contestants - entered the contest as part of duo Silver Rock, but judges decided to split them up. To reach the live shows, Tamera sang Fallin’ by Alicia Keys at the last stage in Antigua, impressing judge Nicole and guest judge Mary J Blige with her performance.











Tamera Foster | Latest News

X Factor’s Tamera Foster: I’ve put drugs and violence behind me

X Factor favourite Tamera Foster is desperate to suppress her murky past and insists she no longer the girl she was this time last year.

Tamera’s cannabis use came to light when she first appeared on The X Factor last month but she says taking drugs is now a thing of the past.

The 16 year old explained: ‘I got in with the wrong crowd. It was a bad group and I had the worst mind set. I wasn’t doing other drugs, it was just cannabis. My mum found out and was obviously disappointed, angry and urged me to stop. A few weeks later I did. It was a big mistake. I’ve really changed myself and I’m a much more positive person.’

And last year the wannabe hitmaker beat up a 15-year-old girl who refused to kiss her feet, but Tamera says she’s finally put her violent streak to bed.

She continued: ‘I’m not an angry person anymore and the people who know me from before will know how much I’ve changed. For the last few months, since boot camp, I’ve been doing meditation every morning. A lot can change when you’ve got a different perspective on life.

‘I hope people can see past it. Both those incidents were last year and hopefully people will see how I’ve become a better person,’ she added to Look magazine.

'She's The Whole Package': James Arthur Backs Tamera Foster To Win The X Factor.......



Tamera Foster | Hot Pink Lipstick. Hotter than Hot

Tamera Foster hit the X Factor stage this weekend, sporting some hot pink lipstick finished with the same kind of disco glitter we're going to need come party season.

Did you see it? Do you want it?

Well luckily for us and lippy lovers everywhere, X Factor make-up artist Julia Carta has revealed the exact products she used to create Tamera's pink pout. Ready?

STEP 1: Line your lips with MAC Cosmetics Magenta Lip Liner

: Fill in with Sleek MakeUp's Showgirl lipstick palette

: Add a layer of Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Liner in Catfight

STEP 4: Dab on the sparkle using Star Gazer Glitter Shaker in UV Purple

What do you think? Doesn’t she look hotter than hot or not?..

cry me a river 1
Tamera Leather
Tamera Going Yellow for the Winter




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